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Town & Country Notebook
1) Which Surrealist artist is known for his paintings of melting clocks? 2) Now extinct, aurochs are the ancestors of which modern-day farm animals? 3) If someone believes in antidisestablishmentarianism, what are they opposed to the disestablishme
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Country Mouse
A GLASS of Campanian culture is to be served in the hills of Hampshire with a performance of Rossini’s Il Turco in Italia on July 3 and 4 by the young musicians of the Scherzo Ensemble ( This is our local event and will b
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A Grey Area
AMONG the multitude of responses to the Government’s new £500 million England Trees Action Plan (‘Best green foot forward’, Town & Country, May 19), the European Squirrel Initiative (ESI) has come forward with a major issue. Trebling tree planting ra