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Going the WHOLE HOG
The beloved broadcaster’s reflections on life Remember the kids’ comics of the 1950s and ’60s? I loved ’em. My friend accumulated so many, he couldn’t squeeze any more under his bed. It wasn’t just the cartoons I loved. The competition prizes seemed
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On the hunt for Helen ‘WHY I ESCAPED HOLLYWOOD’
As Helen Hunt approaches her 60th birthday, there’s one thing her fans can bet on – she won’t be signing up to a gym in a desperate bid to find the fountain of youth. “I don’t go to the gym, ever. I don’t diet, ever,” shares the Twister star. “I had
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For many years, broadcaster Mark Sainsbury’s winning personality and flamboyant moustache saw him working at some of the top jobs across radio and television as a journalist of some stature. Now aged 66, he still has the facial hair and the charisma,