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Chicago Public Schools will distribute 100,000 electronic devices for students to use at home as the district implements a remote

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Global Sting Began By Creating Message Service For Crooks
When the FBI dismantled an encrypted messaging service based in Canada in 2018, agents noticed users moving to other networks. Instead of following their tracks to rivals, investigators decided on a new tactic: creating their own service. ANOM, a sec
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Energy Chief Cites Risk Of Cyberattacks Crippling Power Grid
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called for more public-private cooperation on cyber defenses and said U.S. adversaries already are capable of using cyber intrusions to shut down the U.S. power grid. “I think that there are very malign actors who a
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Scientists Hail Golden Age To Trace Bird Migration With Tech
A plump robin wearing a tiny metal backpack with an antenna hops around a suburban yard in Takoma Park, then plucks a cicada from the ground for a snack. Ecologist Emily Williams watches through binoculars from behind a bush. On this clear spring day