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Book Of The Month
On the back of her fantastic debut, Saturdays at Noon, comes another compelling book from Marks. Noah has made mistakes in life, but his biggest regret is the day his wife, Kate, walked out with their two boys, who he now only sees at weekends. He de
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‘I Am So Much Happier Than I Was In My 20s’
In your debut novel, Asking for a Friend, one of the characters, Meagan, has a five-phase life plan. How about you? It’s funny because those three girls – Jemima, Meagan and Simi – are all me. Like Meagan, I would have thought by this time I will de
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Remember the days when you’d request ‘a cup of coffee’ in a cafe? Ask for that now and the barista would stop frothing and grinding the extra-shot, coconut-milk macchiatos to regard you as an artefact that had strayed out of the British Museum. Anot