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common trope in fairy and folk tales is magical protection. This can take the form of an enchanted object, such as a hero’s shield, or it can take the form of a space or place, like the mythical Isle

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Meet the Mughals
In 1494, the 12-year-old Babur was appointed the leader of Ferghana, in Turkestan. When he was deposed by elder relatives, Babur fled south, capturing Kabul in 1504. From there, he invaded the Indian subcontinent, defeating the Sultan of Delhi’s much
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Earth, Fire & Treasure
Tracing historical figures and events from the Ancient World can be extremely difficult but in the case of Boudica’s Revolt there is plentiful archaeological evidence, particularly in Colchester. It was discovered that the Britons desecrated the Roma
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A ‘print the legend’ biopic of abolitionist Shields ‘Emperor’ Green Certificate: 15 Director: Mark Amin Cast: Dayo Okeniyi, James Cromwell, Bruce Dern, Harry Lennix Released: Out now John Ford’s 1962 revisionist cowboy saga, The Man Who Shot Liberty