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Defining Moments
Under the Nazi regime, students nationwide burnt over 25,000 books – many of them written by Jewish authors – that had been blacklisted for being ‘un-German’. This included works by well-known writers and intellectuals such as Karl Marx, Albert Einst
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Marvellous Maya
Kukulcan, one of the most popular and important deities, is a feathered serpent god of the Yucatec Maya. Little is known about pre-Hispanic Kukulcan, however, he is related to Gucamatz, the creator god worshipped by the K’iche’ Maya, as well as Quetz
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The Wwii School For Escape Artists
Long before Winston Churchill called for the newly formed Special Operations Executive (SOE) to “set Europe ablaze” with its sabotage campaign, Britain was already conducting secret missions behind enemy lines through agencies like MI6. Lesser known,