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The Perils Of PLASTIC
Plastic is everywhere – not just in toys and bottles, but in the cling film wrapped around food and in the non-stick coating on frying pans. It can even be found on till receipts (making them unrecyclable). What’s more, it may be affecting our health
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MASTER YOUR metabolism
When we struggle to lose weight, despite cutting the worst offenders out of our diet, we might self-diagnose a ‘slow metabolism’ as the cause. And we all think we know someone with a naturally fast metabolism, who can eat whatever they want and never
Simply Woman & Home4 min read
Don’t look BACK IN ANGER
KARIN SIEGER is a psychotherapist, writer and podcaster. She specialises in help with transitions, anxiety, grief and life-changing illnesses, WINDY DRYDEN, emeritus professor of psychotherapeutic studies at Goldsmiths, University of