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Period Living6 min readCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Partners With Benefits
Companion planting, although with ancient roots from across the world, became popular in our gardens from the 1970s with the resurgence of organic and permaculture practices. In nature, certain plants grow together while others are never seen in each
Period Living2 min read
Wardrobe Buying: What To Look For
MEASUREMENTS CHECK: View an auction or visit a shop with a tape measure to hand. 19th- and early 20th-century wardrobes can be lacking in depth. Clothes were often hung flat inside, against the back of the wardrobe, on brass hooks or small pull-out r
Period Living3 min read
GRAND Illusions
A captivating blend of vibrant planting and ornate structures elevate the magnificent gardens of Stourhead, in Wiltshire, into a living gallery. Designed by Henry Hoare II in the mid 18th century, their inspiration spans eras, from Ancient Roman temp