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Why Couldn’t Neanderthals Evolve Into A Wiser Human?
■ Although people think Neanderthals were unintelligent, they created and used tools, although they weren’t as smart as the Homo sapiens that walk the Earth today. Neanderthals went extinct in Europe 40,000 years ago, likely due to the changing clima
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Wish List
▪ Price: £349 / $399.99 This is a great gift for tech-savvy dads that want to control their day from their wrist. The Galaxy Watch3 by Samsung lets the wearer control their schedule, messages, contacts, make contactless payments and m
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Shielding The Samurai
Serving as protection for the face, the intricate and often demonic designs of these masks were also an intimidation tactic. Before the 12th century, only the left arm was covered to aid with archery. The style of these armoured sleeves varied greatl