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In Conversation with Joseph Goldstein

By Gail Stark

Wisdom Publications 2020; 256 pp., $18.95 (paper)

Joseph Goldstein is a key founder of the Insight Meditation movement in the West; Gail Stark, a businesswoman, has been his friend and student for more than twenty-five years. Together, they unpack Buddhism’s ten transcendent perfections—generosity, virtue, renunciation, wisdom, courage, patience, truthfulness, resoluteness, loving-kindness, and equanimity—which, they say, are essential for creating a life of integrity. These perfections ( in Pali, in Sanskrit) can be developed separately, generally moving from the first to last, in order to build a strong whole. Stark asserts that making a genuine effort to live a life of integrity is an important part of being happy. “The happiness from that effort is threefold,” she says. “We

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