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Dear Mr Stillman...
CREATING a classically inspired garden with belvedere, clipped hedge allées, elliptical pool, urns and statuary in the aftermath of the Second World War might seem an unlikely endeavour. But it was not one to daunt Chauncey Devereux Stillman, the gra
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In The Swim Of Things
A private natural pool fed by a cascade worthy of a water nymph is attached to this sweet four/five-bedroom property in the hidden valley at Golden Grove, about 10 minutes from Whitby. Formerly owned by the Turnbull family-a big name in the golden ag
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Charlie Is My Darlin'
• Cuddy duck St Cuthbert is said to have tamed eider ducks, hence the name cuddy duck in the North-East • Hoverhawk (below) Kestrels were known as hover-hawks because of the way they on • Chiggypig (right) There are more than 40 varieties of woodlous