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From the Back Nine to the Boardroom

Welcome to the first installment of From the Back Nine to the Boardroom! I am thrilled to bring this column to you.

Let’s get to know each other a little. My name is Cindy Miller. I am from Buffalo, New York (the golf capital of the world), and still live there. I was a walk-on at the University of Miami and graduated an All American. I qualified to play on

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The game of golf is one where no one will ever have the perfect game. He or she who misses it best without getting ticked off will always win. If you are a perfectionist, this is not the game for you. Since we all miss far more shots than we hit well
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How To Avoid Chunking Your Wedge
We’ve all been there and done that, and we were never very happy about it. You stripe your tee ball down the middle 15 yards longer than your usual effort. Then you tug your second shot just a little, ending up 4 yards left of the putting surface. No
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How Using A Wedge Can Fix Your Stroke
Confidently controlling the putter face can mean the difference between a par or a bogey. Keeping your hands quiet and creating a consistent movement with the putter head is key when it comes to control. Try this putting drill to help you train your