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Did You Know?
It’s surprisingly common to dream about a loved one who has passed, but much rarer for it to become a regular occurrence. Some people believe that dream visitations are a way for spirits to bring messages from the other side, or to reassure you that
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Ladies Of The NIGHT
History is everywhere in Wales and no more so than in Cardiff, or Caerdydd, the country’s capital. ‘Caer’ means ‘fort’ in Welsh, and ‘dydd’ or ‘dyff’ refers to the river Taff which runs through the city. Once a Roman settlement, Cardiff has long be
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Jemima’s Favourite Asparagus Recipe
• Allow three spears of asparagus per person • Parma ham • Extra virgin olive oil • Parmesan cheese JEMIMA SAYS: ‘This is ridiculously simple – just brush each spear with oil and grill for five minutes, turning to cook evenly. Lie onto a bed of parm