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Engage Your Subtle Body With Energy Medicine Yoga

I found Energy Medicine (EM) two decades ago during a particularly dark period in my life. I was reeling from the collapse of my yoga studio and was in the throes of an unhealthy romantic relationship. I’d been practicing and teaching yoga for seven years, but I only had a vague understanding of energy. Even with my regular practice, I felt stuck, unhappy, and ungrounded. In a spark of synchronicity, two friends introduced me to the work of Donna Eden, a leading author and teacher in the field of Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine aims to rebalance the body’s energy systems to facilitate healing and vitality. Western medicine still cannot measure these subtle energies, but based on quantum physics and client experiences, Eden, and her thousands of students and teachers, believe that life-force imbalances are the root cause of illness—and that working with the body’s energy fields can influence the function, growth, and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Eden, who says she can see things like auras, says, “Changing impaired energy

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