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KEVIN MCEVOY (b. 1980) has been painting honest reflections of everyday life for more than 15 years. Fascinated by what he calls “common things,” this realist sees the poetry in life’s myriad moments, from the mundane to the painful to the poignant. “It’s really simple,” the artist says. “I paint what I am with and where I am by relaying the story before me — the way the neck of a violin is worn down by a century of playing, the hopeful lines of a pregnant woman, the distant stare of a Vietnam veteran, or the painful regret in a prisoner’s eye.”

McEvoy earned a B.F.A. at New York’s Stony Brook University; after graduating he moved to Florence with his wife, Margaret, to study classical drawing and painting at Charles H. Cecil Studios. Two years later, the couple learned they were pregnant with their first child and returned to Long Island to raise a

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