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Pick Your Own LUNCH!
In the summer, and especially in July, Mother Nature opens her supermarket and all manner of delicious produce is readily available – you just need to know what to pick! Foraging is a wonderful pastime which gets you outdoors and in nature. There are
Chat It's Fate1 min read
We had been planning to go on holiday with our grownup kids last summer, but of course that didn’t happen. We’ve decided to wait and see if things become a little more predictable before booking anything – so now it might be 2022 or even 2023 before
Chat It's Fate2 min read
Reaching For Moon
Every month I choose three cards totally randomly. Ask your question (it can be anything), choose your card and then look down to get your answer – no peeking! This card comes with the message that you are protected and, even better, the worst of w