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RELEASED OUT NOW! (VOD and Blu-ray 5 July) 2021 | 15 | SVOD Directors Powell Robinson, Patrick R Young Cast Joey Millin, Madison West, Daniel Abraham Stevens, John Terrell ARROW “Threshold” is the name of the Star Trek: Voyager episode where Janeway
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Canon and thrall RELEASED 10 JUNE 400 pages | Hardback/ebook/audiobook Author CJ Carey Publisher Quercus Dystopian alternate histories where the Nazis won the Second World War have a long history within SFF and popular fiction more generally. General
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Murphy’s Law
STAR WARS. THE Avengers. Harry Potter. When we think of entertainment empires, an inexpensive, ultra-violent, sociopolitical satire from the late ’80s doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But, like its hero Alex Murphy, RoboCop has proved very hard to