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What Kate Did Next
What’s changed in genre programming since Star Trek: Voyager? Technical and technological sophistication notwithstanding, I think that on every conceivable platform, it’s advanced. When you look at The Man Who Fell To Earth, you see what [showrunner
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UK Sky Sci-Fi/streaming on NOW US Syfy, finished airing ▸Showrunner George R Olson ▸Cast Tim Rozon, Sarah Levy, Adam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint EPISODES 1.01-1.10 Selling a house can be traumatic at the best of times – considerably more so when that h
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Eternal 831
▸RELEASED 19 SEPTEMBER TBC | 104 minutes This chronically dull anime features a Tokyo paperboy who freezes time at moments of stress, and realises other people are doing the same to strike blows against the authorities. The film speaks to Japanese yo