Art New Zealand

Total Immersion

After two hours on the sculpture trail at Brick Bay visitors often exclaim to the staff and management, the birdlife is incredible! The trees are outstanding!

According to co-owner Richard Didsbury, this is a little disheartening. ‘After all the effort and enterprise we’ve invested in the sculpture trail these people come back raving about the flora and fauna. They are of course wrong. The fantails in their backyards are equal to those here in Matakana. Likewise, similar rimu can be found anywhere in the country. What has changed is their ability to look, to really look, and to see.’ So in a way they right. Ten minutes into a jaunt around the lakes, through the bush, on the hills, your senses have shifted, so that your perception is heightened, and your experience of the locale and its amenities is enhanced. The place exerts an immersion in the way that a gallery installation can, only here it is boundless; in its toolbox are the forces of

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