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Mornings with Jesus1 min read
Tuesday, May 4
AUTHORS, LIKE PREACHERS, OFTEN SHARE the truths they need to practice in their own lives. I discovered this fact when I wrote Hello, Beautiful! Finally Love Yourself Just As You Are. Over the course of a year, my coauthor, Beth Gormong, and I wrote s
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Thursday, May 27
I RECENTLY SAW A DECORATIVE sign with the familiar message “Home Sweet Home.” I smiled. That message carries a whole new meaning since my life became so transient. In the last year, I’ve averaged about only half of each month at home due to ministry
Mornings with Jesus2 min read
Wednesday, May 12
MY CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUE WAS “a four-letter word for foul mood.” Ha, that was easy: snit! The perfect word to describe my mood yesterday. You’ve heard the old saying, “A face only a mother could love?” Yesterday I was a person only Jesus could love.