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Accidental Hero
I If you have super strength, you should technically also have super speed, because your muscles would move faster, but that raises all kind of other questions about superhero logic...” Getting Ben Falcone to stop talking about Thunder Force isn’t ea
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Cruel Intentions
Ever wondered how aspiring dog killer Cruella de Vil got a taste for fur? The latest live-action Disney remake explains all! We open with Emma Stone giving us a look that snarls ‘ambition’. Among other things… The CG pooches, who greet Cruella with a
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Cristin Milioti
Best known as How I Met Your Mother’s elusive mom, Cristin Milioti has found success on stage (Once, Lazarus) and screens of all sizes (The Wolf Of Wall Street, Black Mirror) across her career. But beloved comedy Palm Springs, in which she and Andy S