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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
FORMAT PS5 PRICE £49.99 (free upgrade from PS4) ETA Out now PUB EA DEV Respawn Entertainment PLAYERS 1 LENGTH 20 hours ACCESSIBILITY Adjustable film grain, motion blur, and camera shake; customisable difficulty, UI, and audio prompts; editable
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min read
PLAY NOW Lords Of The Fallen
PUB CI Games DEV Deck13 Interactive, CI Games RELEASED 2014 (PS4) Ever since the first Dark Souls became a sleeper hit, its design philosophy has influenced many games. But releasing only a year after PS4 itself, Lords Of The Fallen was one of the
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For The Players, Around The World
Today’s internet speeds were but a dream at the turn of the millennium. That didn’t stop Sony attempting to connect players worldwide through games. PlayStation 2 wasn’t formally equipped to take on the internet until the slim model, but if you could