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or anyone who has a tendency to fall asleep while doing a body scan (see opposite), Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, recommends doing this practice at bedtime or during the night,

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In The Moment3 min read
A Sample Flower Patch
Think in manageable squares as even a small piece of ground can make you feel unsure where to start. For the sake of easy maths, I divide my patch into squares of 25x25cm. So my 2x2m plot becomes a grid of eight by eight squares. I draw this out on a
In The Moment2 min readArchitecture
Planning Your Flower Patch
As tempting as it might be to simply toss a selection of seeds into the soil for a random, ‘country meadow’ patch, a little planning will let you maximise the amount of flowers you can harvest, and will also keep your plants happy by ensuring they ha
In The Moment4 min readArchitecture
The Making Of A Flower Patch
It’s the wettest day of the winter when we visit Hartley Farm near Bradford-on-Avon. We’ve come to meet Grace Farrimond, co-owner of Young Blooms, a gem of a florists adopted by the renowned farm shop. Almost there, we pass Grace’s growing patch, the