I am always fascinated by the results of this simple, brilliant scientific method. It grasps where words are still missing, makes the invisible visible, strengthens and revitalises easily only with pen and paper. As one of the first qualified neurographic trainers in the German-speaking countries, I have experienced this intensely on myself and with other people.

The name almost explains itself - neurography, which has something to do with “neuro”, ie with the nerves. And ‘‘graphy’’ stand for artistic design. The inventor Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev developed a form of creative transformation based on the knowledge of

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The Golden Treasure Of The Bach Flowers
Hormonal imbalances occur throughout a woman‘s lifetime. The ups and downs of estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the emotional disharmony that cause us problems during puberty, every month during menstruation and into the menopause. They t
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Loose Weight During Menopause
Suddenly it starts. With heat waves, sleep disorders, hair loss, fat belly and a bad mood. And then we have them on the heels for 10 to 15 years (!): Welcome to menopause! Where almost all of us have to go: This big hormonal changes builds on the pro
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Live The Goddess In You!
True goddesses are rare! They care about intensity and vitality. They are not afraid of changes in life. Because they know that each change brings new and interesting experiences. The true goddesses have freed themselves from stereotypes and regained