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DIY Olive Wreath
✦ Green cardboard ✦ Scissors ✦ Sticky tape ✦ Pencil ✦ Craft glue Step 1 Cut a strip of green cardboard long enough to wrap around your head (you may need to tape 2 pieces together). Ours was 1.5cm thick. Step 2 Sticky tape the 2 ends together so you
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Wednesday Weeks quest
Special talent: The ability to solve complex magical and scientific conundrums under pressure. Wednesday’s best friend Special talents: Prime-number whiz, robotics expert, snack carrier. Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows is out now! Need
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Jessie’s Blog
I’m having such a blast on our Aussie road tip. We started on the South Coast of NSW and we’ve finally made it into our third state, Victoria! Now, when you’re on a road trip, you almost always take the scenic route – coz you know, it’s all about the