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Runner On A Mission
ONE woman, one leg, 104 marathons in 104 days. This is the incredible feat performed by Jacky Hunt-Broersma – and one that could well have landed her a Guinness World Record. The 46-year-old South African-born athlete recently smashed both the femal
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Jason Momoa, all muscles and bling, was snapped in Rome, Italy, on the set of Fast and Furious 10 for the first time since announcing he’d be joining the franchise as the villain. The Kardashians are not known for their low-key birthday parties and
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Why Soft Skills Matter
THEY’RE called soft skills – but as anyone who’s tried to master them will tell you, they’re quite hard to get right. There are many reasons why so-called soft skills are tough to get a handle on, including the fact that they’re so difficult to descr