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I was disappointed by the lack of diversity in your summer books special. Two of my favourite inspiring, fun and thought-provoking novels by contemporary writers are by Bernardine Evaristo, and by Candice Carty-Williams.

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Check Your Breasts
✢ Stand in front of a mirror with your arms down and then up. Look for redness, swelling, dimpling of the skin and changes in the nipple. ✢ Lie on your back. Starting with the right breast, put your right arm behind your head. Move your left fingers,
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Sex Life Sos!
I told some of my clients I was tackling this topic… ‘Save us and our stuttering sex drive,’ they begged. Busy family lives, work issues and fluctuations in how we feel about our partners can all contribute to a decline in the desire to be intimate.
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Choosing A Sports Bra?
‘It should come off as easily as it goes on,’ says Professor Marcos Sforza. ‘If you struggle to remove it when you’re clean and dry, think about how uncomfortable you’ll be when you’re in a sweat after a workout.’ ■