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is a US web journal for women. The editorial team ‘sifts through the noise of the world to elevate what is honest, real, and beautiful for the modern woman’. Columns requiring subs are   about the ‘hidden gems’ in your neighbourhood; , about ‘a favourite spot in our homes – a spot that gives us comfort and inspires us, or one that has hosted inspiring and fun moments with family, for ‘stories of the simple, or not-so-simple, ways women knew they had met the man they wanted to marry’; , for ‘a first-person story about how a particular dating experience helped us understand something about ourselves, the other person, what we’re looking for in love’; , about the ways motherhood transforms a woman.

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Writing Magazine3 min read
Get The Write Idea
Explore the creation of a plan and its ramifications. First, decide what is being planned. Is it one person’s plan, or does it involve a group? What needs to be carried out? If it’s a group effort, what is each person’s role? What is the desired outc
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Boundaries? What boundaries?
The genre-blenders, the experimenters, the progressives, the shock-merchants – is there a place for them (or you, if you feel you fit one or more of those descriptions) in today’s fiction markets? The answer is likely to be yes, because publishers an
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Editing Without Tears
Editing is one of those ‘paraliterary’ skills (along with research and planning) that many writers don’t like because it’s not as fun or creative as the actual writing. It can feel like work. Unfortunately, publishable books are not written without t