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Maximise Productivity
‘Is it possible to write a nonfiction book in a month and get it out to publication?’ writes subscribe VC Ward. ‘Yes – if you are able to write without interruption. A little longer if you are also trying to hold down a day-job. It’s about making the
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To The Lighthouse
What if history had gone a different way? What if a lighthouse at the edge of the world was the portal to a parallel world – or worlds – where historical events had very different outcomes? These are key premises explored in The Kingdoms, the new nov
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International zine Scene
Night Coffee is a brand new biannual zine seeking subs of poetry, art, and ephemera, but not fiction. They ‘like weird stuff, dream logic, feeling feelings, thoughtful use of form’. Submit 3-5 original unpublished poems in one doc, docx, or pdf docum