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Writing Magazine3 min readSelf-Improvement
Writing About Issues
Sometimes stories begin with a character, or a concept, but sometimes they can start with a theme, or an issue. This can be an interesting way to kick-start a story. If you take this approach, once you’ve decided which issue you would like to explore
Writing Magazine1 min read
In A Flash!
100-word entries are invited on the theme ‘Revealed’ for Southam Book Festival’s Flash Fiction Competition 2021. All entries in the 100-word story competition must be flash fiction with a title, which must be included in the 100-word wordcount. The t
Writing Magazine4 min readPsychology
Writing Yourself Out Of A Corner
Sometimes you get to a point in your writing where you’re just stuck and have no idea how to move forwards. This is where classic problem solving techniques can help. There’s a seven-point system designed to be used to assist with everyday issues in