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Laying Down Roots
I spent yesterday afternoon at our allotment. I haven’t been up there for a while – I left it to hunker down over winter. I imagined the soil throbbing with anticipation and hedgehogs curled under the sycamore leaves that have dropped onto the ground
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Success Stories
I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of confidence, and it seems to be the number-one topic the majority of my coaching clients want to talk about. If I leaf back through the scores of journals I’ve kept over the years, confidence – or a lack o
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How Can I Pick Myself Up And Push Myself On?
Q I’ve had a maternity-cover contract at a place where I really enjoy working. I had hoped that I might stay on, because the work is really interesting, and I’ve seen them train other people into roles that I’d love. But that’s not going to happen, a