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ne of the most famous fictional detectives of all time is Sherlock Holmes. Holmes uses his extraordinary skills of observation to crack seemingly impossible cases. What you might not know is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh before becoming a

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Caterpillars: you won’t like them when they’re ‘hangry’. That’s according to a new study from Florida Atlantic University, which found that the insects may turn violent when food is scarce. Researchers noticed that when monarch butterfly caterpillars
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Good Month
Daydreaming boosts creativity, according to researchers at the University of California. Reveries about meaningful events help creative behaviour, while those of a fantastical nature can improve creative writing. Cheerful people are less likely to ex
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The Birth Of Cubesats
The first CubeSat was developed by Bob Twiggs of Stanford University and Jordi Puig-Suari of California Polytechnic State University in the 1990s. According to the story, they decided that a CubeSat should be just 10 x 10 x 10cm because sitting close