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Electronic Musician2 min readTechnology & Engineering
Austrian Audio OC818
$1,237 + Multipattern mic with four patterns + Extensive on-body filter and pad settings + Additional output for recording rear diaphragm independently + Optional Bluetooth LE pack for remote control of settings + Plugin for adjusting
Electronic Musician4 min read
GForce Software OB-E
$205 + Faithful emulation + All eight SEMs on one screen + Sounds amazing particularly in Unison + Enhanced yet retro-style sequencer + Resizable window/SEM zoom options + Excellent set of 600 factory presets - No PC version as yet
Electronic Musician7 min readComputers
Novation Circuit Tracks
$500 + The new MIDI tracks are an excellent addition + Hardware is now lighter, more portable and better-equipped + MicroSD card makes it far easier to swap out sounds - 4hr battery life is fairly short - Finding and recalling patches wi