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Frozen Frogs
Meet the frog with the power to survive freezing temperatures, thaw out and return to life. Species have evolved different methods of surviving the frigid conditions of winter. Some migrate towards the equator for a summer holiday, while others hiber
How It Works2 min readBiology
Too Much Salt Messes With Your Immune Cells
IN ASSOCIATION WITH Eating too much salt may reduce the amount of energy that immune system cells can make, preventing them from working normally. Eating an excess of sodium has previously been linked to many different problems in the body, including
How It Works1 min readBiology
What Is Body Odour?
■ The smells of different parts of our body are caused by many different chemicals, often containing the element sulphur. These chemicals are usually made by bacteria. In our armpits there are roughly a million bacteria per square centimetre. They ta