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NEXT MEETING: Wednesday November 25, 7.00pm at the Distinction Hotel, Riverside Drive, Whangarei

TOPIC: This month’s speaker, Lisa Dudson, is a property and money expert, investor, bestselling author and entrepreneur. She is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading personal wealth educators in the property and personal financial sectors. Lisa is a Registered Financial Adviser and was a previous vice president of both the Auckland Property Investors’ Association and the NZ Property Investors’ Federation. She will give a wide-ranging presentation of direct relevance to property investors. Don’t miss out on a highly informative and engaging presentation!

MEMBERSHIP: $180 single or $210 couple; includes subscription to NZ Property Investor and NZPIF discount card, plus local trade discounts. Please email for more information. PO Box 1640, Whangarei.


NEXT MEETING: APIA hosts 100+ meetings for its members each year. Go to for details on upcoming meetings.

APIA memberships start from $75 and can be purchased on . Full, networking opportunities at over 100 events throughout the year, an excellent discount card, free subscription to APIA TV, and many more. For more information visit

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