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Carbon Testing
Limited Run Games started off by selling physical PS Vita releases of its own games, before expanding to other developers as well as other systems like the PS4, Switch and even the odd Sega CD release. After testing the waters with several revered Lu
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Sonic Triple Trouble
If you’re looking for a solid Sonic platformer on Sega’s handheld you can’t go wrong with Aspect’s sequel to Sonic Chaos. It has Sonic and Tails facing off against Knuckles, but they receive additional hassle from a weasel treasure hunter called Nack
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Sonic Spinball
This was the first of Sonic’s major spin-off outings, released to cover the lack of a Mega Drive platformer for the 1993 holiday season. Inspired by the pinball action of Sonic 2’s enjoyable Casino Night Zone, the game expanded on the pinball formula