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Setting Sail In A New YA Direction
‘Genealogy has always fascinated me, and when I decided to do an Ancestry DNA test I had no idea it would set my writing career in a new direction,’ writes subscriber Shelley Wilson. ‘The (spit in a tube and send it off) results were interesting. I h
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Getting Over The Gap
When I put the pen down after correcting the last set of page proofs of my seventh novel Between a Mother and Her Child, I honestly believed it was the last act of my writing career. Worse, I knew it was me who had derailed it. The truth was, I had h
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Dread Zone
The Dread Machine is a great noisy community with a blog and podcast, ‘where horror and SF writers, poets, and enthusiasts can share, rate, and discuss dreadfully rad fiction and poetry.’ The team like to ‘make cool creative projects accessible to th