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Precious Legacy
‘Can we save the indigenous sounds of Moana-Nuiā-Kiwa?” asks Tau’ili’ili Alpha Maiava, the host of a two-episode podcast series Sounds of the Moana, as he addresses this important question with Moana Pacific music elders, practitioners and scholars.
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Wings Of Desire
The Gifts is set against the backdrop of 19th-century London, a time of exploration and scientific discovery, when British women were finally getting a sniff of independence. It tells the stories of four women: Natalya, a storyteller from far up nort
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Unhappy Middle Ground
Are you part of the “squeezed middle”? It sounds a little like a problem with an expanding waistline, but it is the National Party’s current line aimed at Kiwis battling rising inflation that is steadily eroding their real income. It is not particula