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There are lots of things I want to do in a Sherlock Holmes game. I want to recline indolently in an opioid haze; to steeple my fingers and examine shirt

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Brian Xeno
It’s standard practice with an XCOM game to rename your troops after your friends. You can throw the ones you like less recklessly into battle. Or perform heroic deeds using the people you slightly fancy so you have a fresh reason to initiate convers
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Wise Quackers
A bit of a space cadet. Thinks Gordon Freeman is the bloke who narrated The Shawshank Redemption. Went to a Black Sabbath concert in 1972 and has based their entire personality on that day. She’s a little sensitive, loves iced coffee, and runs a sm
PC Gamer1 min read
Wood You Kindly?
The traditional way to get wood is by picking up branches and chopping trees with a stone axe. However, the quicker way is by finding abandoned buildings in your world. Spend ten wood to craft a workbench. Once you have the materials, equip your hamm