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60 Days of Prayer1 min read
Extend His Mercy
GOD IN HIS grace has raised you above the darkness to the heavenly places with Christ. Because He has shown you great mercy, He invites you to extend this mercy to others. Today, make an effort to offer kindness and compassion to those battling darkn
60 Days of Prayer1 min read
Be Merciful
REFLECT ON THE meaning of this verse: To the extent that you show mercy, mercy will be shown to you. Recall a recent time when you experienced God’s mercy. Thank Him for helping you, and ask Him to show you how you can be merciful to others. Dear God
60 Days of Prayer1 min read
Celebrate the Season
TODAY MARKS THE first day of preparing our hearts for Jesus. Advent is a beautiful time of renewal, a time to reflect on what Jesus coming to the world means to you personally. Reflect on His presence in your life. Heavenly Father, help me to slow do