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Mixed views on progression help

EXPERTS in the education sector have mixed views on the decision to bump up by 5% marks for the 2020 year-end exams in grades 4 to 9. But, said the department of education, extra help was necessary to ensure deserving children did not suffer more following an already stressful

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Strange But Smart Tips To Boost Your Well-being
THERE are many ways to achieve health. Here are some strange but healthy tips: According Time Magazine, they contain up to five times more caffeine than coffee, but the boost they give is fleeting and comes with unpleasant side effects like nervousne
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From Goop Vibrations To 24K Magic – The Meteoric Rise Of The Humble Sex Toy
REMEMBER when sex toys were hidden under three layers of clothes in your underwear drawer only to be taken out when you were absolutely sure you’d have a few precious moments to yourself? Their obvious phallic shapes made them virtually impossible to
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Don’t Leave A Loser, Please Roger
Dearest Roger Selfishly, as a reporter who turns supporter every time you play because I am unashamedly such a fan of yours, I cringed when listening to you explain your disappointment at losing to a player ranked 75th in the world. I cringed that yo