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Covid Gives Niqab A Helping Hand
FACE masks are new terrain for many, who find themselves unable to recognise neighbours and are unsure how to engage socially without using facial expressions. But not for Muslim women who wear the niqab or Islamic face veil. Suddenly, these women –
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This Is Not The Time To Play The Long Game
SHAKESPEARE’S tragedy, Hamlet, provides an object lesson on the hazards of not acting in the moment. Hamlet’s anguished cry of “To be or not to be” signals a cautionary tale on the perils of procrastination. It would seem that President Cyril Ramapho
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Top Bollywood Stars Test Positive
ON MONDAY, India registered 103558 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours. It was the highest single-day spike since the onset of the pandemic last year. On Tuesday, it recorded 96982 new coronavirus cases. The infection rate stands at more than 12.6million.