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What’s The Answer?
Solutions to Chat issue 11 (18 March 2021) Puzzle 1 1B, 1D, 2C, 2D, 3D Puzzle 2 1641 Puzzle 3 Gurkha Puzzle 4 Cher Puzzle 5 Quadrophenia Puzzle 6 Seal Puzzle 7 Number Puzzle 8 Frank Lampard Puzzle 9 West Lothian Puzzle 10 Wrexham Puzzle 12 Everton Pu
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Butt Of The Joke
Alida Dreyer, 28 Pounding up the stairs, I crept into my room and closed my door. Zipping open my school bag, I pulled out a multipack of crisps and two chocolate bars. Then I stuffed them underneath my mattress. Ready to gorge on later. It was April
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Dollies For All
Clare Tawell, 39, Lidlington, Bedfordshire Clutching my husband Miles’ hand, I listened to the doctor. ‘Your daughter has severe hearing loss. She’ll need hearing aids,’ he said, then measured up 3-week-old Matilda’s ears. After, I burst into tears.