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e’re proud to be Britain’s biggest-selling food magazine and the UK’s No 1 food website, . Our contributors – BBC chefs, our in-house cookery team and confident, outspoken columnists – are experts in their fields. Meet us at the UK’s biggest food shows (visit for dates and details). Our best-selling cookbooks feature our trusted recipes – you’ll find these in bookshops.

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BBC Good Food Magazine2 min readRegional & Ethnic
Leftover Mashed Potato Waffle
In the spirit of making good use of all the bits left in my kitchen after cooking, I came up with this recipe. It’s made with leftover mash, and is so well received, I now make extra mash especially for it! These waffles make a great base for a runny
BBC Good Food Magazine1 min readRegional & Ethnic
Star Contributors
Cookbook author Vanessa shares French Caribbean recipes from her homeland, including Creole pork ragoût (page 94). Embrace the sunshine with our columnist’s family-friendly barbecue recipes on page 63, which are all quick and easy to make. Combine
BBC Good Food Magazine1 min readCooking, Food & Wine
What Are Heritage Grains?
The supermarkets were low on flour, so we looked to the smaller millers. Once there, we began to dig deeper into flours from different places, plants and even time periods, like einkorn, spelt, emmer, rye and Khorasan. These varieties are known as ‘h