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Swede Sounds Of Success
It was around 1965 that my interest in music really began, with groups from England such as The Beatles, Stones, Kinks and Small Faces the driving force, followed by those making up the British Blues revolution. hi-fi became a passion for me in the 1
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Springsteen Born To Run
In May 1974 rock critic Jon Landau’s review of a Bruce Springsteen concert was published in Boston’s The Real Paper. It included what became one of the most famous lines by a journalist in rock music history, ‘I saw rock and roll future and its name
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Thorens TD 124 DD
As occasionally backward-looking as hi-fi is – if no worse than cars, fashion or watches – one needs to raise the dead with care. McIntosh, for example, has dazzled enthusiasts with its continuing evolution of the revered MC275 power amp [HFN Nov ’93