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Also In HFN This Month In 1982
WHY THE DELAY? O J Hosking cogitates an artificial ambience. GETTING FURTHER BEHIND Ivor Humphreys describes a practical delayed Hafler system. CHEAP REAR CHANNELS Alan Davis offers some rear speakers for the unemployed. BELL LABS STORY Barry Fox con
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Nakamichi Deck Renewed
Tim Jarman’s piece on repairing vintage hi-fi [HFN Jan ’21] had me reflecting on what is now available with respect to accessories, parts and calibration tools. In particular my question relates to finding and purchasing the different accessories nee
Hi Fi News2 min readTechnology & Engineering
Lab Report
Second generation it may be, but this early 16-bit CD player still faced strong competition from Philips’ first-generation CD100 [HFN Oct ’11], CD303 [HFN Nov ’13] and CD104 [HFN Apr ’14]. Their 14-bit/4x technology offered the potential of lower dis