Bang Yukyung (Bang): Your third book came out nine years after the publication of New Imagination of Urban Architecture (2009) and Street Corner Architecture (2012). What story did you hope to add?

Sung Hong Kim (Kim): I wrote my first book to point to signal cities in the east and west and the the driving principles behind their architecture when I began studying in Seoul around 2000, and the second book was to present an easy impression of Seoul while maintaining the same critical framework as the first book. Afterwards, I decided to author a book solely about Seoul with all western theories and principles removed. Oeuvres by famous Korean architects are made available in other countries. However, I wrote the book mainly as there was no proper academic research on the historical and urban context behind the creation of Seoul for foreign architects and researchers trying to understand Seoul. That is why I have consistently published a number of research papers on Seoul over time in overseas journals

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