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Keeping It Real
She puts on a good show, Tina Baker. She put it on when she was a TV soap opera critic, and she put it on when she went on Celebrity Fit Club – to combat ‘widescreen bum’ – and won it. She puts it on in the flesh too, or at least on Zoom, where she r
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Occupational INJURY
Are you sitting comfortably? Seriously. Are you? Because I’ve discovered in the last month that not only is writing a perilous profession when it comes to one’s mental health (the highs and lows of reading reviews can wreak havoc) but it can actually
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Maximum Sentence
Life is a series of stories. It really is as simple as that. As social human beings, most of us are pretty adept at telling them, too. So how is it that we often forget all those years of training we’ve had when we sit down to write a short story or