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This week, I have to pay tribute to the real stars of Dancing with the Stars – and that’s not me or my fellow contestants. I’m sure the term “stars” is used ironically, because most of us this year and others in previous years aren’t stars. We just h
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The Well Wishes Continued To Pour In For Heather Du Plessis-Allan And Baby Iggy
So happy for you both. I had my four children in the ’60s. Today, my big regret is that our husband/ partners weren’t allowed to be with us during the delivery and we were kept in the hospital for approximately two weeks afterwards. I treasure today
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It’s In The STARS
There seems to be so much to cram into the next seven days and you are not sure you can achieve it all. Stop worrying – you can create those extra hours you might need! You have been very cautious and allowed more time for each task than needed. If y