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The cows have come home

‘My earliest memories are of the sensual synthesis of steaming cows and frothy milk’

THERE is a moment in every entrepreneurial venture when the agonies of planning a new business, the frustrations of working in a muddy building site and the yearning for it to be real are suddenly replaced with the fierce urgency of now —and there’s barely time to savour it because operational life is even busier than development life. Far from being an arrival in sunlit

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Prince Or Pauper
WE thought we had bought an 18th-century house’, says one homeowner of his pretty, Grade II-listed, thatched cottage in countryfied southern England, ‘but were taken aback to find out our garden wall was once the end of a Victorian latrine.’ Recent r
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Are You For Real?
• Original pieces have underglazed and overglazed colours. Only black and cobalt blue were used under the glaze; all other colours were painted on top often chipping or flaking over time. Repro figures have all the colours under the glaze • A pre-189
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Government And Culture: Should The Twain Meet?
THE resignation of Tony Hall as chairman of trustees at the National Gallery in London (page 84) comes at an intriguing moment. Only a few days earlier, Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), had declared his