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first for – but testing a DC supply is not dissimilar to testing a digital server: the impact of the ‘front-end’ is most usefully assessed by examining the it makes to the performance of the kit downstream. I Jun ’12] this was 2.310V, 108.8dB, 0.0005% and 255psec; for Mytek’s 12V/1A Brooklyn Bridge [ Dec 19] this remained 6.06V, 112.8dB, 0.00007% and 14psec; and for Chord’s 12V/0.5A Chordette Qute EX this was 3.05V, 111.4dB, 0.0008% and 8psec.

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Hi Fi News2 min readTechnology & Engineering
Nakamichi Deck Renewed
Tim Jarman’s piece on repairing vintage hi-fi [HFN Jan ’21] had me reflecting on what is now available with respect to accessories, parts and calibration tools. In particular my question relates to finding and purchasing the different accessories nee
Hi Fi News5 min read
Paradigm Founder 100F
My first, AV-focused, experiences of Paradigm were misleading. In times gone by the UK distribution of this 40-year-old Canadian company favoured a curious mix of its entry-level, compact loudspeakers and its far-from-entry-level subwoofers (includin
Hi Fi News2 min readTechnology & Engineering
The X Factor
Is the X5 simply a ‘bigger X3’? The X5’s extra bulk comes from its chunkier chassis, dual PSU transformers and mammoth 22,000μF slit-foil reservoir caps. It hosts the same six pairs of Sanken bipolar output devices per channel as the X3 but, with the